Thursday, 2 October 2014

Homemade Halloween Makeup Like Sugar Skull

In late October, in Mexico a few years ago at a friend's wedding, I have a passion for Halloween Day of the Dead doll costume I had to do, but getting the right to intimidate sugar skull design. Charming and easy 5 minute recipes for homemade Halloween make-up water and just using two common household ingredients to give it a try and found that I needed.

Mix the ingredients in a small bowl, then add food coloring. Whisk once using a small knife or spoon, taking care not to sit on the corn starch wet ingredients to make more than a few seconds, and come together, let them. Once combined, without adding a few drops of food coloring as desired color, then apply.

Wash your face and any area to which you are applying makeup, and then dry thoroughly. Apply a thin layer of cold cream to the entire face. A cotton ball to gently pat cornstarch over cold cream, taking care not to leave any portion of a cotton swab. Using a brush, apply a thin layer of a long course, and let it dry completely. Cornstarch cotton swab and repeat with the time needed to achieve a gentle pat, even look.

I missed the color eyeshadow and cheekbone shadows in black and white was very easy, but if you want these colors, you can also use corn starch and cold cream recipe. Just make sure to let each coat dry completely and pat face layer of cornstarch and mix of accessories to keep them from Pokinge.

Black design my application around the eyes and on the basis of the white "teeth" into my mouth and chin in fine tipped flat eyeliner brush I used. In the end, when everything was dry, coconut oil and berries lip stain I did last week on the inner side of my mouth, I put a little bit, actually, "undead" look. It's not bad for the first time, but I definitely softer layers statements on Halloween night

My suit, I wear a short white lace dress for my wedding after-party dress and black crochet scarf on her head from Goodwill Outlet Michael Porter square red silk flower pinned to my forehead with a barrette. In addition, this recipe is easy to use and design make Nightmare Christmas for kids or adults and other costume character to use your imagination! Check local thrift stores for costume ideas for more of these DIY Halloween ideas hundred forty and third.

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