Wednesday, 1 October 2014

How To Make Christmas Tree At Home

Christmas tree
How to make Christmas tree at home ? there are following way to make Christmas tree some of these are given below .

first with the help of cardboard paper
 some time people make Christmas tree with the help of paper . it depend upon you that which color you use to make Christmas tree . normal people use green and red color to make it . first you need a paper cardboard , an  other square paper cardboard and ribbon . now some different beautiful ribbon are available in market . Due to these ribbon Christmas tree look more pretty,stunning and gorgeous .

Take a square of cardboard and fold it in half  to make a rectangle . Fold the point on the map to cut the outer edge to make a triangle. Doing drawn cardboard, cut a small triangle from the fold. Next, cut a small triangle on the other side. Open the map and you will find the shape of the tree. The upper part of the die hole and the threaded strip.

Second with the help of wood

Flat, level area in the yard, carefully place the pine 4x4 metal post in a stand of trees. Tighten the bolts by hand in the middle of the 4x4 posts, and standing. Add additional support and service 4x4 pine trees at the bottom of the post and pushing rates firmly in the ground by shifting,

After a 45-degree angle, leaning against a post. Using the drill and screws through the 3-inch, rigidly attached to the posts at the bottom of the post. 4x4 shift eliminates the strengthening of the bottom of the message, plus fee to sits perfectly plumb with the ground.

After completion of the project, the rates can be easily concealed with any weather or burlap tree skirt. Use a circular saw to cut planks of wood to size. Tapered silhouette of a Christmas tree to get a view, decrease by 6 inches and the length of one leg shorter than the bottom of each board.

After the boards have been cut off saw, put them flat on the ground to ensure proper shape silhouette taking. Starting from the bottom, temporarily tack to drill and screws on the board 4x4 post. Use a speed square to each plate to sit on the ground floor. Traditional screws for securing the post.

Equality review all the tables that are assigned to each of the board all the way to the top of the message. Attach S-hooks along the outer edges of each board using them tightly to keep the festival of lights in the world.

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