Thursday, 8 May 2014

Liam Hemsworth Photos and News

Born on January thirteen in Melbourne, Australia, Liam Hemsworth is that the younger brother of actors Chris Hemsworth and Luke Hemsworth and also the son of Leonie, associate teacher. The Hemsworth family lived totally on Phillip Island, a tiny low island set south of Melbourne. Following within the footsteps of his brothers, Liam scored his 1st audition at age sixteen and appeared on the Australian TV series Home and Away and McLeod's Daughters before taking over a continual character role on the serial Neighbors during which his brother Luke had additionally appeared. Roles on TV shows The Elephant patrician and Satisfaction followed before Liam moved to the us to pursue a big-screen career.

After suffering 2 setbacks - his character was written out of the script for The Expendables days before picture taking and he lost the character of Thor to his brother Chris - Liam was forged opposite Miley prince within the Nicholas Sparks drama The Last Song. The two, WHO contend love interests within the film, before long started qualitative analysis, and Liam appeared in Cyrus' music video the attendant press coverage of his rising career and high-profile romance, he was before long thrust into actor standing, and was forged as wind author within the big-screen adaptation of the popular novel The Hunger Games . Following the blockbuster success of that film, Liam nabbed variety of roles, as well as a supporting half within the Expendables a pair of and leading roles within the war drama Love and Honor , the crime drama NY , and also the heroic tale psychosis . He will star as fictitious character in a very 3D production of Arabian Nights and can play the role of wind author within the Hunger Games: Catching fireplace .

Hemsworth and Miley prince proclaimed their engagement.Younger brother of actor Chris Hemsworth and Luke Hemsworth.

Lima Hemsworth

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