Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Penélope Cruz Photos and News

Penélope Cruz,open her eyes in Madrid. In a small, obsessive artist, Re-making television commercials for the entertainment of her family, but she decided to focus their energy to dance. The study of classical ballet for nine years at Spain's National Conservatory, and then continued her training under a series of prominent dancers. 15 days, however, she heard her true calling when she walked more than 300 other girls at a talent agency audition. As a result of the contract landed her several roles in Spanish TV and music videos, which paved the way for a career on the big screen.

Cruz in her debut film in Greek Labyrinth (1993) (Greek labyrinth), then come strongly  in the Timothy Dalton thriller frame (1992), too. His third film, the Oscar-winning Belle Epoque (1992), in which one of the four sisters who are fighting for the love of a beautiful army deserter played. The film also several Goya, the Spanish equivalent of the Oscar.some films in his resume continues to grow each year, and soon Cruz was a lady with a Spanish film. Live Flesh (1997) (Live Flesh), the choice of the famous Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar (later to be her ticket to international fame), and in the same year in the thriller / drama / suspense leading actress was offered to him / sci-fi movie is open in Your Eyes (1997), a huge hit in Spain that earned eight Goya awards (although Cruz)

Its success is finally changed in 1998, when the film industry comedy girl of his dreams (1998) won her a Best Actress Goya. Cruz made ​​a few more forays into English-language film, but her first big international hit Almodovar's Todo Sobre miles Madre (1999), in which she played a nun child, but well-intentioned. Film awards and prizes, as shown, Cruz suddenly found herself in demand on both sides of the Atlantic. The next major project is a Woman (2000), bewitching culinary skills as a chef and an American comedy about a severe motion sickness was. Meanwhile, the United States, he has also signed to star opposite Johnny Depp in the drug-trafficking drama Blow (2001) i Matt Damon in all the beautiful horses, Billy Bob Thornton (2000). Cruz says she is afraid to bring in as a beautiful young girl, but it's hard for her wide-eyed beauty and generous nature to present disguise. Fortunately, with Cameron Crowe's Vanilla Sky (2001) (a remake of Open Your Eyes (1997)) and a John Madden collaboration looming in her future, the maid Penelope probably will not simply disappear.

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