Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A Brief History of Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees for many years the spruce decorated with ornaments and lights have been part of our Christmas celebrations. Long before the birth of Jesus evergreen plants plays an important role in people's lives. Christmas TreeThe ancient Egyptians, Chinese and Jews, evergreen trees, wreaths and garlands to the symbols of eternal life.

Tree worship was common in Europe, and Norway and Sweden on people decorate their homes with evergreens in the new year to scare away the devil. When the Europeans became Christians still continuing the tradition remained under the Christmas festival.

The habit of having a Christmas tree  came from Germany in the house. In the ages of Middle , the city in the "Paradise tree" was. It was fir hung with apples in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve to remember. These trees have been established as of December 24, and the candles were often show Jesus Christ.

In 1800, Queen Charlotte, the wife of a German-born George 3, as far as we know, the first Christmas tree in Windsor Great Britain at Christmas to the party. Royal family tree long before the ordinary people.
Princess Victoria was one of the Kensington Palace in 1832.

The person responsible for the Christmas tree became popular in Britain was Prince Albert, the German husband of Queen Victoria. 'Illustrated London News "was allowed to print the image of the royal family wrapped around their Christmas tree. Every After. Victorian trees, candles, cakes and sweets were decorated.

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