Saturday, 18 October 2014

Fashion Twins Taylor Swift and Amal Clooney

One is a high-flying lawyer, and the second is the pop princess. But when it comes to fashion, Amal Clooney and Taylor Swift, who can not seem to matter. At least eight times, a couple of almost identical costumes they sported.

In some cases, it was the same dress - of course, women who share a passion for Oscar de la Renta, so maybe look at one of the two was inevitable. The most recent appearance today at Entertainment Tonight, the new Mrs. Clooney, 36, returned to London from Greece in black-and-white umbrella de Spring / Summer la Renta last season 2014 collection dress.

But seeks to eyes 24-year-old Taylor Swift dress in elegant style followers know that this is not the first time we have seen. In fact, he was dressed in May leaving her gym in Soho in New York. It's really amazing similarity, though, just as they are accessorized with a bright red bag, which is a choice of black or brown can be pronounced.

Taylor, in June this year, after the gym is like a red-and-white floral print dress Another saw her sporting the same label. Amal followed suit shortly after, $ 890 in Florence, Italy in early September in a dress. And their fashion - and aesthetics - the similarities do not end there. Their high-neck sleeveless red dress was not the same character as decided to accessorize with a skinny belt.

They also both mint green high neck mini dress (sunglasses, bags teamed with heels and looked like) and monochrome striped dresses. As another example, both vintage inspired yellow flowers, or print, Oscar de la Renta dress again shows. Dressing down at this time? Gray-blue floral print jeans and white top with dark gray bag was the agenda. And the red carpet, both women prefer red (Amal Alexander McQueen and Taylor in Elie Saab.)

At the same time, it is hoped, a pair of appropriate clothes do not accidentally turn on the same event, at least one comparison flattering. Both were honored for their style, Amal has been likened to the Duchess of Cambridge is always polished and belies her years with Taylor showing Sartorial maturity.

And, as a willow frame, which makes almost anything look good to share, it's not so hard to emulate their overall aesthetic. Amal and Taylor evade fashion trends stand the test of time and stick to the classic investment pieces. This does not mean boring, though. In this case, returns flattering, well-cut dresses to flatter them in a thin waist.

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