Thursday, 16 October 2014

Nexus 6 release date, news and features

Korean Manufacturer with bowed vehemence LG originally third mandate as a producer Nexus smartphone from Google,  And, as the Los Nexus 5 similarities caliber LG G2 estimated last year that I was not a surprise to learn, once again some of the Nexus 6, apparently G3 LG Basaria.

TO DO here of Pesto doubt LG has denied any involvement in the Nexus 6, and Motorola is now a prime candidate for the Nexus 6, in turn, reports of con Nombre en CODIGO terminal "Shamu" Haciendo las rondas. It is possible that our first look at Nexus 6 hayamos cogido for a while, how about Twitter for Android Nexus ear tuiteó photo with Cooper.

Phone is not in the center of the photo, so it is possible that only the general layout, but that then leads to the question, why not just use them for the Nexus fifth  In any case, no hay mucho para quitar de ella, es decir TODO here que hay Que es NOT Sounds Negro recuperen with curved corners, large and small over and above and below biseles al Lado de la Pantalla.

No sign of any of the buttons on it, which could mean the back, have not been transferred, the following steps may be the only difference from the Ras Al Borde hidden in his fingers. Otra images carried Desde Arriba appeared, this time created layout 9to5Google, apparently based on the current Nexus sixth Coma itself Puede September Que Me Parece mucho la Nueva Moto X, with aluminum frame, Hoyuelo Ho Hos in the back of the camera and of similar design, although the Nexus 6, presumably larger, and the volume and pressure of BOTONES are in a slightly different position.

Just after we got that VIA Maqueta filtrada image of what could be a real business. Es un G3 LG Espeto together highlighting their intimidantes proportions, and, of course, it seems, convinced, a pesar de Que EMPRESS es Possible Que Se Trata de un prototype. This also coincides with the new image to the previous format, which shows a very Moto X, as well as design. Another image, this time allegedly shows Nexus 6 'on also emerged phone screen.  Although the details are mentioned in the "Shamu" en Lugar de la Nexus 6, but not with the most probable es que se Trata de UN Nexus S with Android phones Ejecutando Como itself is a very recent version of the kernel.

Nexus 6 was also detected in the wild, as you can see in these photos that enviaron with Android Police.
Si bien Esto Puede Ser NOT UN Nexus 6, there are plenty of evidence suggesting Que es para. Obviously most of the navigation buttons, which coincide with the fact that we have seen in Android L.  Pero también currently Puede September los que this oradores Al Frente de los in-BOTONES on and volume are Mitad De Camino POR El Lado Derecho, which is a relief design elements Nexus sixth  Se ve Como 5.9 inches is too large and can not be creíble Rumore that the Nexus sixth Our point of view 6 more Clara de la Nexus, seems to have come through the supposedly leakerevleaks pensioners who have published that seem to click and render the device, although it was not specifically reported as the Nexus 6, the intention is obvia.

From a design standpoint, the phone is similar in shape to the provision of a new fleet of mobile smart as Motorola Moto Q (2014) and Moto X (2014), while en la Pantalla yourself van las COSAS different distributions Android L. Is in line with previous reclamando filtered images as well to show the character of Nexus 6, and HC de Motorola is the fact that after an argument the next smartphone from Google.
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