Thursday, 16 October 2014

Smokey Purple Eyes Makeup For Girls

So, smoky, exotic, beautiful, try to gain a cute and nice look, go for the mysterious. So, Laura Mercier secret enlightenment powder, to begin with, and only a little failure. And that comes to put the dust under the eye.  Yes, this guy is a little trick that needs to be done in the house, if you are trying to get a smoky eye, or even if you use a lot of product. So, in order to achieve a smoky eye, black eye shadow base for the eyes, and that's what we're going to do right now.

You literally just lost consciousness the entire cover. Now the next step is to do a smoky eye or eyes exotic, we're going to get out of the crease and blend up to the eyebrows raised.You can do this with a conical folds brush and burn it and pulling it up in the direction of the eyebrows, slightly past. Now we have to cover it in order to get an exotic look to add some brown with a little wet and make it look really rich and deep, and we had a lot of depth.

On American women, these types of colors look really hot and dramatic, but still hot. Go to the top of this until now, Smashbox smoke box. I love it. Look at these beautiful colors, really weird. So I want to use it a little purple. What it does exactly what we have done in the dark shadows, because we want to be.

So, the next step is in the eyes of whip lash to add a second, really big, bold, dramatic lashes. And it's exotic, too, so it's different than usual, as well as the addition of the liner to the waterline. Okay, so let's see. So, you want to keep the black bottom waterline and filled with water up to the top line.

And why do I have two water lines will be painted, because it really is where the whip, so if you can not tell if it is fake or real.

Really all will be covered. So, look at the left hand. Water line in the color of the eyelashes. Sometimes, Smokey eyes and in the eyes of the mind an exotic, they can get a little dirty, because you do not use a lot of black and a lot of colors that you use, but do not worry, you can clean when your done.

Now the liner if you do not, we are going to smoke. Try L'Oreal adding a little color purple eyeshadow. Again, these shadows are rich jewel tones like this, hot and exotic look for any eye. When the dust to notice when you shoot, you have a really clean under the eyes. Now one more thing I want to do it, I just want to soften the forehead.

I'm trying to clean under hence there is no clear line. You do not want to look sharp. Now we are going to add a second stick, and why I'm adding a second whip, because I really want to survive. Your eyes I want to make a statement. So now, to complete the look, the medium is a bit small and a bit of lip, mouth and to add a little darker as we go.

What kind of interesting because, as a rule, you do not have dark eyes with dark lips, but sexy, hot, mysterious air of the exotic, rich, and something I want to add a little more to the eye. This L'Oreal Colour Riche Le Gloss in, and the right to be on this pretty pink you're going to go on. So now you have a bit of depth in the mouth, and it looks really nice. It's really rich.

It's not brown, not pink, it's a little scheme. And now, they are just super exotic look that we want the cheekbones really thinned out, so that we not only need to add a little cream colored base. Bring him to get him on the forehead. You can do a little bit under the chin. And what you have.

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