Monday, 13 October 2014

Sugar Skull Makeup For Day Of The Dead

Today, my friend Gorgeous artists of sugar skull makeup, a guest who sends and showing us her design and makeup techniques Day of the Dead, or dialogue de los Muertos sugar skull makeup also known as. Dia de los-Muertos Face Painting is not only to remember the dead, but able to compansate the fear of death and enjoy life!

some thing you need for sugar skull makeup are following...

Water Base Face Paint. Spray bottle with water. Moist towel. 2 Sponges. 4 Round Brushes. Dry black powder make up or eyeshadow. 1 Wooden dotter. Glitter puffer. Eyelashes. Mascara. Rave Hairspray.

Start with a clean slate. Apply a cream on your face before you start. Half cut a round sponge . White water is sprayed directly onto the biscuit upwards. Middle of the forehead to the chin and knock down. Flat side Use to apply a white base.

Half cut the sponge. (Make sure the corners are rounded). Consists of a sponge cake with a spray of water and Teal. Apply your eye socket, and then move to the outer corners. Ovals around the eyes, is not yet established. Purple round brush and water to form a wet cake.

Outer corners of your eyes and begin to move. Placing the tip of the brush color teal slightly overlapping down. Adding more pressure on the outer side. Paint some decorative swirls along your cheekbones.
Pink wet round brush and get cake and add petals around the eyes and cheekbones.

Add a splash of color to the lips. (Erase a bit, so that the color of your lips do not feel heavy) Take Dotter and spray it with water. Add water to make your black cake as well. Dotter press down a few times, until the color is loaded.Start with the outer corner and work your way up.

Keep repeating the steps needed to. Do the same on the opposite eye (watch symmetry)
Use black powder and form a dry brush to add shadows under the eyes and in the corners of the nose. Add eyelashes and eyeliner to add drama to the Dead Makeup 7 eyes.Day Use a spray bottle and spray a little mist on your face.

3 pumps should be enough. Tilt your head back slightly and close your eyes. Take Glitter Puffer and sprinkle glitter all over the face gently. Make sure you do not fall into the IT field. Add Rave hairspray all over the face as a sealant. This will build your brand and keep it from working. Add flowers or cash in the hair of the Dead makeup look.Day finished. 

There are some more pic which help you to pick a style according to your face.

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